Dangers Of Anxiety Among Students

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Statement of Problem Students are constantly being told what to do – go to school, complete your work, try your best, take this test, as well as many other commands. However, these constant demands are putting students under serious amounts of pressure. With all of the demands of education, many students are experiencing anxiety. According to Amiri, & Ghonsooly; Hernandez, Menchaca, & Huerta; & Jalongo, & Hirsh, anxiety is an unpleasant feeling such as dread, fear, hopelessness, or apprehension (2015; 2011; & 2010). These unpleasant behaviors should be enough encouragement for teachers to recognize that their students need more help than just academics. Anxiety should be a main concern for teachers, because anxiety disorders are the most harming and persistent psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents (Anticich, Barrett, Gillies, & Silverman, 2012; Grills et al., 2014; & Grills-Taquechel, Fetcher, Vaughn, & Stuebing, 2012). Even though it is known that students are anxiety prone, it is important to understand the cause in order to help eliminate the source. Student anxiety can be triggered by different sources. If students have low self-confidence, insufficient amount of study, negative attitudes towards school, at-home pressure, or fear of failure, anxiety can be triggered (Amiri, & Ghnosooly, 2015; Broeren, Muris, Diamantopoulou, & Baker, 2013; & Semple, Lee, Rosa, & Miller, 2010). Each of these anxiety provoking triggers causes students to struggle with poor
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