Dangers Of Boosting

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Introduction: this issue analysis is examining the use of boosting in spinal injury Paralympians and how this is thought to be dangerous to the individual that uses this as a technique of gaining an advantage over other players.
Biological background: Boosting is a technique paraplegic athletes use to increase their blood pressure to a normal rate to enhance their performance skills as paraplegic athletes are unable to alter their blood pressure with exercises (Blauwet, 2016).
Boosting in the Paralympics has been banned since 1994, prior to events doctors are required to check athletes blood pressure and any athlete discovered to have a systolic blood pressure higher than 160MMHG (A millimetre of mercury) are given ten minutes to lower blood
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Boosting is a risk as consciously forcing your blood pressure to rapidly rise can result in blood vessels bursting or cause a stroke. The athletes that partake in this are risking their safety for the sake of breaking world records and winning.
“Despite being conscious of the dangers of their health, 16.75 of the participants in this study indicated they had resorted to boosting either in training or in competition.” 2008-2008 World Anti-Doping Agency statistics (Self-mutilation and exaggeration a problem for Paralympics, 2016) boosting affects a small number of athletes but is a significant issue in the sport as it provided these athletes with an upper edge to the other athletes competing in the event.
Conclusion: In conclusion the long term effects of boosting is not worth the short term success in events, there are future side effects that boosting can cause such as heart problems and in particular pulmonary edema which causes the blood from veins to back up and fill the lungs with liquid and gas. The 2012 crack down on the blood pressure is stopping athletes attempting this form of cheating.
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