Dangers Of Cell Phones

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Do you know the health risks of a cell phone? Many people buy cell phones to make their lives easier but people tend to ignore the fact that a cell phone can be very dangerous. When you see cell phone companies advertising their next generation phone, they talk about the new updates and how this new phone can be beneficial to your life. But they don’t want you to know that cell phones can cause a lot of health risks. (Cell) telephones initially turned out to be generally accessible in the United States in the 1990s, however their utilization has expanded drastically from that point forward. Alongside the huge and as yet developing number of children and grown-ups using cell phones, the measure of time individuals spend on their telephones has likewise risen forcefully in late decades. Mobile phones (counting smart cell phones) emit a type of vitality known as radiofrequency (RF) waves, so a few concerns have been raised about the security of cell phone utilize. As for growth, concern concentrates on whether mobile phones may build the danger of mind tumors or different tumors in the head and neck area. Studies have shown that mobile phones with headaches, DNA damage, memory loss, ear ache, fatigue & many more problems. Cell phone companies should show the health risks and the long-term health effects of owning a cell phone. A study by an article called Clinical Journal Of Oncology Nursing proves that cell phones can cause brain tumors. This article states that “Cell Phones And Other Similar Technology Increase The Risk Of Brain Tumors” (Sharon, 2008). This article Claims that features have energized the myth that cell phones cause malignancy, especially cerebrum disease. As indicated by an overview by (Sharon, 2008), around 30% of Americans trust the myth. Cell phones are obviously unmistakable in the public arena. Measurements demonstrate that 79% of the U.S. populace and 90% of European and Asian youths have a mobile phone (Infoplease, 2008) (Janssen, 2005). Cell phones are advantageous and can be utilized at any area. New innovations such as cameras, PC information are stockpiling with downloads, and wake-up calling have prompted expanded utilization (Janssen, 2005). Mobile phones work like a radio, with

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