Dangers Of Counterfeit Pharmaceutical Drugs

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Dangers of Counterfeit Pharmaceutical Drugs

Remember that time you really wanted to buy a Louis Viton bag? Then the thought of spending thousands on it held you back? So instead you bought a knock off, and saved yourself a boat load of money. No harm done right? Well not exactly, of course your wearing your new bag out with your friends didn’t make a difference verse the real one. You felt a little spoiled and your friends loved it too. However, what if it wasn’t just a purse that you bought as a counterfeit, let’s say for example, it was a knockoff Tylenol or birth control. Think it would be harmful then? You may be surprised to know that this actually happens all the time, and the production and sales of counterfeit drugs is more common than you think. This essay will explain why the production and sale of counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs is wrong. When someone creates something, that is solely from their mind, whether it be literature, a play, a piece of artwork, this is called Intellectual Property. Intellectual Property is important because it allows the economy to grow, as well as captures the devotion of its inventers and creators, because it becomes beneficial financially. It also trademarks or copyrights them, to their own Intellectual Property, meaning no one else can mimic their exact product. This helps promote development and aims for a more economical growth in overall well-being. In direct relation to pharmaceutical drugs, the creation of the drugs is never

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