Dangers Of High School Sports

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High school sports come with a number of risks that students take as an athlete. However, none of them are as transparent as those that come with football. Because of the risk of traumatic brain injury, there is no doubt that football should be banned from high school sports. This is because of the apparent hazards of playing for an extended period of your life, the dangers of CTE, and the careers and lives ended by improper safety. There is irrefutable evidence of the hazards of playing football for an extended period of your life that shows why football should be banned in high school . This is the most clear when looking at the youth of the U.S. In the U.S alone, 3 million kids aged 6 to 18 played organized football in 2014. This is a shocking number because many of these kids would be put at a higher risk for repeated head injury which can lead to CTE, and although it is clear that not every kid is playing tackle football, a study shows that 47,000 played high school football, where they would be at the highest exposure of head injuries. Research has shown that out of the 131 people who participated in football during high school, college or professionally found evidence of CTE out of the 165 examined. Furthermore, studies have found that 40 percent of former NFL players suffer from brain injuries, and 96 percent of the NFL players they examined suffered from CTE. Dangers of CTE clearly exhibits why football should not be allowed for high school play. CTE is a

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