Dangers Of Lowering The Drinking Age

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The drinking age staying at the age of 21 is controversial because people are unclear of the health risks of drinking before the brain is fully developed. The strongest counter-argument is without teaching adolescents the impact and responsibility of consuming alcohol, binge drinking can occur, which is suggesting that binge drinking overall creates health risks at any age.
However, in my view this point is wrong because consuming alcohol at all while the brain is developing creates a high amount of health risks. Therefore, the drinking age should be 21 as similar to the United States, as I conclude that more possibilities of risks are apparent when teens are legally able to consume alcohol.
However, in the article, Gonchar informs students the dangers that come with teen drinking, because teen deaths are increasing as teens are under the influence. Lowering the drinking age would teach people to drink responsibly before turning 21. Results from a national survey reported, “among high school seniors, about 20 percent binge drank, consuming more than 5 drinks in one
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Lening researched the direct and indirect effects of adolescent drinking with the decisions to drive under the influence as well. The conclusion of this research ended with, “peer drinking behavior considered seriously in prevention and intervention for reducing the risk of adolescent drinking-and-driving behavior.” Decisions of teenagers based off of peer recognition more than what is right, resulting in making poor choices. Consuming alcohol blocks off the Central Nervous System making it harder to think and process choices. The Central Nervous System being impaired creates decisions that could put many people in harm's
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