Dangers Of Peer Pressure On Girls

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Dangers of Peer Pressure on Girls As a little girl I had much confidence about myself and felt I looked the best from my school as well as many other girls from my school. Nowadays, many girls are pressured into being perfect in a way they feel they will never accomplish. Little girls such as ten year olds have started to show low self-esteem and hate to their body image because of the models that are being constantly promoted. As 10TV stated, “When you were 10 or 11, you probably didn’t give much thought to body image. Today, kids that age are worried more about looking like Barbie than playing Barbie.” Girls are punishing themselves with cutting, going on extreme diets, and often kill themselves because they hate themselves. Girls are also seen wearing makeup at a young age to improve their facial features and think they will now finally be accepted in society as being perfect. A recent Mintel survey showed that six out of ten seven-year-olds wear lipstick, and two in five use eyeshadows. (“Pretty-Pressure: Girls-it pays to be pretty, but not too pretty.”) So even though social media is showing off beautiful women to give good advertisement, girls are being affected by constantly feeling down and wanting to fit into society and be accepted and seen as perfect, they hate themselves for not being pretty enough as celebrities that have gone through many surgeries to get that "perfect" image, and some cases have led to issues such as depression, cutting, eating problem, and…

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