Dangers Of Pornography

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Turn It Off: The Dangers of Pornography
People like pornography, regardless of whether or not it is moral. Pornography, more commonly referred to as porn, is the depiction of sexually explicit material intended to sexually arouse. Pornography is essentially ubiquitous; it is just one Google search away, and much of it is free. The Internet provides the accessibility, affordability, and anonymity that makes pornography a more immediate, vivid, and personal experience. With pornography’s easy accessibility arises questions about the benefits and harms of viewing pornography. Although pornography is legal, it yields detrimental effects on individual and societal levels because it degrades women, leads to increased violence, such as rape, against women, and…[OTHER REASONS BACKING UP CLAIM].
Pornography is harmful as it encourages the degradation of women. Pornography objectifies women by portraying the intimate experience of sex as a voyeuristic act of pleasure instead. In fact, Susan Fiske, professor of psychology at Princeton University, analyzed the brain activity of men watching pornography. She concluded that after viewing pornography, men saw women more as objects than as human beings (CITATION). In other words, instead of viewing women as people who deserve respect and worth, pornography encourages the belief that women are objects whose purpose is to serve the sexual needs of men, which degrades women. This dehumanization is further proven by that fact that one of the
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