Dangers Of Sex Education

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Surprisingly, only 24 states offer mandatory sex education in America. Most people who are opposed to sex education say that they think their teenagers are too young and innocent to understand sex education. However the website, reported in 2014 that “47% of 12th grade high school students reported having sex” of which ‘thirteen to nineteen percent of U.S. teens starting having sex at age 15.’ Teenagers obviously are having sex, and may not be forced to abstain from sex. So mandatory sex education makes sense to teach as many teenagers as possible about how to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies, rape, and other dangers associated with underage sex, especially STDs (sexually transmitted disease including HIV/AIDS and Herpes Virus). Therefore, sex education should become mandatory for all 14 year old freshmen in high schools, in order to guarantee these teenagers are not too young to understand about the dangers of sex before many of them start having sex by age 15. One reason that sex education should become mandatory in all high schools, is because many teens may otherwise live in denial or be illiterate about sex due to lack of parental teaching, thereby being ignorant about how to avoid the dangers of sex. Parents, above all should not live in denial about their teens having sex. Yet, too many parents admit they simply avoid the topic, or fail to properly teach their children about the dangers of sex. For example, college friends admit that they hide
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