Dangers Of Social Cohesion

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There are many different ideas about humanity and how it works and what things make it work the best. There are some sociology theorist have a more positive view on humanity and believe that humanity works best when people have relationships and more human interaction thus creating society and its regulations as we know them. There are many benefits of social cohesion, but there are also downfalls of this as well according to some theorist and these are referred to as social control. Social cohesion is when those in a social system identify with it and feel bound to support it, especially its norms, beliefs, and values. Social control is how a community or society regulates a person’s behavior. Ultimately, the benefits of social cohesion outweigh the dangers of social control. Without the benefits of social cohesion, the dangers of social control would be intensified because of the lack thereof. Durkheim, Erikson, Putnam and Collins are theorists who all take a stance on the benefits of social cohesion. Some of their ideas are identical to one another or have some similar points and all connect in some way. Durkheim says that social cohesion protects people from anomie and anomic suicide. Anomie is defined as the lack of social integration and regulation or the lack of the usual social or ethical standards in an individual or group. During a period if anomie, people feel disconnected from their society because they no longer see the norms and values that they are
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