Dangers Of Surveillance

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It seems that every day we hear a new story about the GCSB and NSA watching our every move by some bloke who claims to have inside information, but is this all just paranoia or is it reasonable to be concerned about the slowly increasing surveillance of today's world. Are we fast approaching George Orwell's “1984” surveillance state or are we creating a technological Utopia.

One of the major problems with surveillance is that it can be used by governments to shut down new ideas that may improve society. While these ideas may not always work out, shutting them down before they get a chance to improve society, may not be the best way to go about things. An example of this is the ideas of Nelson Mandela, and his idea on equal rights for people of colour. His ideas landed him in prison 27 years for treason. He would later become president of South Africa. Imagine if his ideas had never been able to catch on because he had been arrested before he even got the chance to tell anyone what he believes. Imagine if black people were still treated as second class citizens. This is by far the greatest risk proposed by surveillance. If all new ideas are suppressed, then humanity will not have the chance to progress. While some of the ideas and worldviews that
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In Neil M. Richards Article, “The Dangers of surveillance”, Richards talks about how the public has very little knowledge about how dangerous surveillance is but whether we are informed of it or not; in today's society we are being watched closer than ever, and unless you like living in the woods and living off the grid, you're not going to get away with it. Richards describes the growing surveillance as a, “vague threat of an Orwellian dustpan… but these warnings are no longer science fiction.” In some aspects he is correct, we have televisions that can spy on us and surveillance camera on every corner with armies of workers monitoring them
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