Dangers Of Technology And The Internet

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“With great power come great responsibility” as famously said by Uncle Ben from Spiderman. Nowadays, people have smartphones and personal devices that allow for us to escape from reality while also giving us powerful functionality tools like alarms, calendars, and access to Google. We, as a modern tech savvy society, must be aware and wise when using technology and the Internet since the dangers are everywhere. As a result, society has become overly dependant with using technology within their daily lives, so much that it affects children, can lead to online dangers, and creates an unnecessary obsession among the users. First of all, excessive exposure to technology can be detrimental to children. Some people may say that children play and watch educational related activities online, but in reality, most children throw a tantrum to get the smartphone to play on an app or watch YouTube. For example, one dilemma also that technology can cause an unnecessary addition to a fantasy world, as seen in “The Veldt” when Peter and Wendy, the children, become lost and obsessed with a virtual world in the nursery. Peter and Wendy think the fantasy world, and they make the African Veldt come to life, yet this highlights they spent so much time that it became real. This shows the effects of the overuse of technology being created in a virtual world leads to a damaged psychosis when the children cannot tell what is real and what is not. In addition, children these days beg and throw
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