Dangers Of Texting And Driving

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Danger of Driving Under an Influence In the newspaper and television news cast people see the devastation that a teenager recently died in a car accident due to the fact they were texting their best friend. This moment is very depressing to all of teens friends and families. If only he or she was not texting and waited to text them at a stop light or when they arrived at their destination. With the advancements of technology in the world cars are trying to prevent these such actions but everyone finds a way to text that certain someone back. Texting however is not the only negative to driving. Many young adults drive under the influence of alcohol. Even though there are laws for driving under such conditions the young adult still continues to break the law. These are two examples of horrific actions behind the wheel of a vehicle. Texting behind the wheel put the driver in a condition where they are not looking at the road. While drinking and driving delays the reaction time of the driver. Both of these situations are dangerous distractions for the driver and can result in an accident or even death. Back when texting on phones was not popular many accidents were caused by drinking and driving. Even though texting and driving is becoming more heard of drinking and driving still occurs. Drinking and driving is still illegal today, once someone has reached the limited level of 0.08% blood level concentrate. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there

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