Dangers Of Unsafe Patient Assignment

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Nurses are undoubtedly one of the most trusted professionals worldwide. Patients, family members, and doctors entrust nurses to provide the utmost quality care to sick individuals. Top priorities of all nurses are advocacy for their patients: including advocating for their physical health, holistic welfare, and utmost importantly, their safety. Patient safety will always be the top priority when providing patient care. The nurse’s responsibility during every patient encounter is to ensure that each patient under her care, receives no harm. As a direct result of the previous statement, it is crucial that every nurse knows their rights to refuse unsafe patient assignments, the process to refuse unsafe patient assignments, and the legal or ethical ramifications that could present themselves if proper judgement is not used. By understanding these rules, nurses not only achieve the responsibility of advocating for patient safety but also safeguard their careers and license. Primarily, one must understand what an unsafe patient assignment is and comprehend the dangers of accepting an unsafe patient assignment. According to Keller, an unsafe patient assignment “can include patients requiring any interventions or technology that you have not been adequately trained on, patients outside the normal patient’s population of your floor, patients with higher level of acuity than is appropriate for your floor, to many patients assigned to you, and many others” (Keller, 2014, p. 18). An
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