Dangers and Need for Preventing Drunk Driving

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Driving require a variety of skills and technique that often changes. The Driver must maintain a good alertness so they can react quickly in spontaneous situation in the road and avoid road traffic crash. Road traffic crash has become main causes of injury and death in world. This accident may result up to the severe injury depends on the situation and reasons of the accident. One of the most happened reason that cause the traffic crash is the consumption of alcohol drink (Green, 2013). Drinking habit make the driver lost their concentration and affect their skills to drive and may increase the risk of crash. Some safety equipment have been offered such as seat belt and air bag to reduce the impact that the driver get during the accident This essay focuses on drunk driving issues, where the driver doesn’t have a responsibility while driving their vehicle. Two solutions are then offered and assessed from financial and practical perspectives. Alcohol is a chemical substance that disturb the central nervous system and may lessen the reaction time of the consumer up to 10% - 30% (Ahlers, 2013). The side effect of consuming alcohol is the contradiction to the requirement of skills for the driver that needs high concentration. Many driver ignore it and keep driving right after they have consumes some alcohol, this is called drunk driving. The driver usually drive in exceeding speed and unstable car movement. This behaviour frequently result in accident because the driver cannot
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