Dangers of Caffeine Essay

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It is what wakes us up each day or keeps us focused. It is what drives us to go the extra mile. Caffeine is a product that is being used in all sorts of drinks ranging from colas to our early morning cup of tea. Most people whose life is always on an ever moving work pace feel it is a needed necessity to keep them going, People ranging from bcig business people to mare student. The main reason for this review is to see just how much caffeine affects the life of an average student both negative and positively and also provide a broader understanding of how it really works when we consume is as well as what it gets up to.

Literature Review:
Caffeine in its pure form is a drug that affects the nervous system, just like
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Caffeine is found in different food product with the well known being coffee and cola drinks. It is however also found in some baked goods, frozen dairy products, soft candy and chocolates,gellatine and puddings and even the medicine that we take for colds,headache,allergies or the ‘stay awake’ remedies. It is even believed that women may be taking it indirectly when they use lipstick. And if those facts are not scary, it is still sad to see that people still take at least more than 3 cups of coffee in a day on average.
One cannot help but think that for it to be included in all these food types by the country Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and then it must not be that harmful. When you take soft drinks for example, the FDA defines caffeine as a necessary ingredient in cola drinks. Soda drink companies, though are required to list caffeine as an ingredient by law, they are exempt from telling you just how much of it is put in each bottle. That raises the question of just how much caffeine is being consumed in our body, but most importantly, what it does to our bodies.
Research shows that caffeine hampers concentration and increases stress. Caffeine causes an increase in the secretion of epinephrine, causing stress to your brain. Caffeine Endorsed Stress can produce mood swings, insomnia, increased muscle tension, impair digestion, and restrict blood circulation to the brain, raise blood pressure and accelerate the heart rate.
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