Dangers of Cell Phones Essay

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Although cell phones appear to be harmless devices, they are proven to be detrimental and unsafe to prolonged users. Cell phone users need to be more aware of the potential consequences of improper usage. Mobile phone radiation and health concerns have elevated, especially after the enormous increase in the use of mobile phones. Furthermore, texting while driving is a risk that many individuals take, and could lead to serious, life-threatening consequences. Nevertheless, there are quite a few solutions that may help a cell phone user in preventing the potential consequences of prolonged cell phone use. Without a doubt, many individuals continue to text while driving, partly because the communications industry is somewhat responsible for…show more content…
Until recently, the level of radiation from cell phones was considered safe. The good news is that there are a few simple solutions that help in lowering one’s risk of exposure to radiation. First of all, holding the phone away from the face and using the speaker phone instead leads to ten thousand times less exposure. In addition, using a wired headset gives less exposure into the ear. Secondly, since carrying the phone in one’s pocket leads to exposure to his or her bone marrow, one should simply keep the phone off. Lastly, the weaker the signal in the phone, the more the radio frequency signal has to enhance itself to get into the phone; thus, one should avoid using the phone if it appears to have a weak signal. Basically, one gets greater exposure to radiation with a weaker signal. Indeed, it is never too late to prevent oneself from such hazards. Texting while driving has developed into a growing danger amongst many drivers. Driving requires full attention at all times; moreover, texting impairs the drivers’ abilities, causing his or her reaction time to decrease dramatically. When his or her full attention is on the phone rather than on the road, the driver is unable to witness the traffic; therefore, causing a collision due to lack of focus. When both hands are on the phone texting, the driver easily loses control of the vehicle because of his or her inability to concentrate on the road. Improper driving is an unnecessary risk to
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