Essay on Dangers of Fast Food

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It's quick, it's convenient, it's delicious. Fast food is the most popular quick-service nourishment. It plays an important roll in the lives that we humans so perfectly laid out for ourselves. Why try cooking when you can get food at a much faster rate? To most people, fast food is the answer to all of our problems. It is good in every possible way, or is it? Although some might deny the consequences, we all know there is a steep price to pay. So here by today, I am asking you to have a closer look at the hidden dangers. In my opinion, we should free the world of fast food because, not only are they adding the amount of cruelty to animals and draining money out of our pockets, they're also taking great risk of the health of…show more content…
United States, the largest fast food nation, now spends more than 134 billion dollars on MacDonald?s and Burger Kings each year. Despite the expenses, most still choose fast food to be part of their every day lives. Here?s an example that will show you why Mac Donald?s is a millstone to the future of our community. Supposedly you pay a visit to fast food restaurants five times a week, and you always order a "combo meal", consisting of a burger, French fries, and a drink. This will cost you at least 5 dollars per meal, and 25 dollars per week. In a year, you will be under the pressure of more than 1300 dollars! And that?s only if you paid a visit for lunch from Monday to Friday. Now, if a person goes to MacDonald?s every breakfast, lunch, and dinner of everyday of the week, it will add up to an average of 5475 dollars a year! That is too much to pay for, just for the sake of shorter line ups. Instead of looking for a quicker, more convenient way of life, we should donate our money on more essential things that this world can?t do without. Fast food is a financial burden for society, and we must get rid of it for the grater good. In the recent years, fast food chains have added salads to their menus, so that you can also include vegetables and other healthier kinds of nourishment. It?s a new choice and a big step to take toward the physical conditions of our community. But what about the rest of the menu? Hamburgers and French fries are
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