Dangling Expressions

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3. Revise to eliminate dangling expressions. Revise these sentences to eliminate dangling expressions. a. Driving through Chicago in the fog, the street signs were hard to read. The fog in Chicago made the street signs hard to read. b. The Federal Reserve banks maintain excellent relations with the major financial institutions, but they are still not doing as much as they had expected. The Federal Reserve banks are not doing what they expected and maintain excellent relations with major financial institutions. c. To become law, the governor must sign the bill by the end of the session. The governor must sign the bill for it to become a law. d. While drilling a hole to bring in the wiring, a crack was created in the wall. A crack was created in the wall…show more content…
At this point, designers select photographs and other artwork and create page layouts, which show how the pages will look when printed. The author and publisher review these page proofs for any errors. Only after all corrections have been made does the book get published. 25. Vary emphasis in a memo. Assume that you have evaluated two candidates for the position of sales assistant. This is what you have learned: • Carl Barteolli has more sales experience. • Elizabeth Larson has more appropriate formal training (earned a college degree in marketing and attended several three-week sales seminars). • Elizabeth Larson’s personality is a better fit for the corporate culture. You must write a memo to Robert Underwood, the vice president, recommending one of these candidates. First, assume that personality is the most important criterion, and write a memo recommending Elizabeth Larson. Second, assume that experience is the most important criterion, and write a memo recommending Carl Barteolli. Use appropriate emphasis and subordination in each message. You may make up any reasonable information needed to complete the assignment. See attached
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