Daniel Boone, An American Explorer And Frontiersman

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Daniel Boone, an American explorer and frontiersman, was born November 2, 1734 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Boone was fathered by a blacksmith and weaver, Squire Boone Sr. and nurtured by his England emigrated mother, Sarah Morgan. Boone was the sixth born and received a skimp formal education, for he learned to read and write from his mother. Boone acquired an education in wilderness and survival skills from his father. Boone just like his father had a niche for woodsmanship and hunting, for at the age of twelve he shot his first bear. In 1755, Daniel Boone left home for a military expedition that was a part of the French and Indian War. Boone served as a teamster who drove supplies by wagon for Brigadier General Edward Braddock, during Braddock’s army’s devastating defeat at Turtle Creek, since Boone possed excellent survival skills, he saved his own life and escaped the French and Indian War by horseback. Upon Boone’s return to home in Rowan County, he married Rebecca Bryan in the summer of 1756, within their 56 year marriage Boone and Rebecca had ten children, six boys and four girls. In 1767, Daniel Boone decided to set out on his first solo expedition, Boone traveled along the Big Sandy River in Kentucky and made his way westward towards Floyd County. Two years later Boone set out on another expedition with John Finley, the teamster whom he marched with during the French and Indian War, as well as four other men to explore the unknown regions of Kentucky. With

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