Daniel Boone, An American Explorer And Frontiersman

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Daniel Boone, an American explorer and frontiersman, was born November 2, 1734 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Boone was fathered by a blacksmith and weaver, Squire Boone Sr. and nurtured by his England emigrated mother, Sarah Morgan. Boone was the sixth born and received a skimp formal education, for he learned to read and write from his mother. Boone acquired an education in wilderness and survival skills from his father. Boone just like his father had a niche for woodsmanship and hunting, for at the age of twelve he shot his first bear. In 1755, Daniel Boone left home for a military expedition that was a part of the French and Indian War. Boone served as a teamster who drove supplies by wagon for Brigadier General Edward Braddock,…show more content…
As they blazed the trail that would soon lead to colonization in the Middle West they were faced with many adversities, because the path through the wilderness was too narrow for wagons due to the fact it was originally a hunter’s trail. The Wilderness Road was steep and rough, and could only be traveled by foot or horseback, despite that drawback thousand of settlers descended up the trail to the new discovered land. Upon arrival in Kentucky, Daniel Boone and his men began the construction of temporary log huts, Fort Boone, in which he would capture settlement from the Indians. Boone’s settlement received tension from the local Shawnee and Cherokee tribes, for the tribes were flustered with Boone and his people captivating their territory. In the summer of 1776 the Indian tribes kidnapped Boone’s second daughter, Jemima, as well as two other teenage girls fortunately Boone and a group of settlers were able to rescue his daughter and two girls just two days after being captured because Boone knew the ways of the Indians as well as wilderness skills. Boone and his men surrounded the Indians while they stopped for food and rescued the girls and drove off the kidnappers. The rescuing of Boone’s daughter is one of his most noted events in his life, James Fenimore Cooper fictionalized this event in his novel,

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