Daniel Briggs 's Life At The Young Age Of 16 Essay

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Subject, Daniel Briggs, took his life at the young age of 16. He had been bullied for 9 years by a small group of students. Subject lived in New York and had a soft spot for helping others. His interests included hunting and trapping, however, this was not popular where he lived. The bullying began when he was young and it carried on into high school. Once he had reached high school, it escalated. Daniel had difficulty finding friends who had common interests with him and ultimately made him a target for bullying. The bullying began with words then progressed to physical forms. such as having trash thrown at him, punched in the stomach, jumped from behind, and even forced to lick a bus window. A bully that Daniel continuously had issues with sent him this text: “why don’t you get one of your precious guns and do the world a favor and go kill yourself”. Daniel responded that he would and the bully responds with “put up or shut up”. Daniel informed everyone at school, the people on the bus, and even the bus driver that he was going to kill himself. The last person he told was his hunting friend, Matt. Daniel knew his friend would try to tell his parents and stop him. Daniel’s parents missed a phone call from Matt’s father but then received another call from his other friend about Daniel’s suicide. His mom calls the neighbors to check on him. The neighbor runs over and yells out “we love you” and then hears the shot gun blast. By the time his parent’s got home, it was too
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