Daniel Gilbert Analysis

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Something Socrates said about happiness was similar to that of Daniel Gilbert. Socrates believed that in order to be happy and live a good life, you need to live a life of contemplation and self evaluation. He worded it as developing the soul, which basically means work on yourself and just be able to reflect, and develop your ideas. I believe this is similar to Gilbert because they both understood the importance of self reflection in leading you to happiness. For Gilbert, reflecting on what you’ve experienced and talking to other people will help you determine your own definition of what makes you happy. This is similar to gilbert because they both involve self reflection to develop ideas. A difference between the two however, is that Daniel…show more content…
For Epictetus this applies to life in general, things like family deaths, deaths of loved ones, etc. Dan Ariely’s form of uncontrollable destiny is the inability to control actions you make in the future. This means not being able to control your desire to snooze, your desire to procrastinate, and your desire to eat something really unhealthy. Basically things like new year's resolutions are all pointless because our future selves will never actually deal with what we planned. The difference between these two are that Ariely’s type is actually controllable, contrary to what I just said. Controllable in the sense that you have to counteract the destiny with another destiny. For example, if you know for sure that you are going to snooze the next morning, you create an alarm clock that is super loud and you put it in another room. This makes it so your future self has no choice but to get up and go get the alarm clock. Whereas Epictetus’s type of destiny is truly uncontrollable. The only way to find happiness through this type of destiny is to mold your desires and expectations to the reality of your situation. This means having things like realistic goals and realistic relationships. So these two are both aware of having to deal with uncontrollable situations. Dan Ariely is a living example since he was a burn victim that managed to overcome his pain and is able to inspire others from the
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