Daniel Inners : An Inspiring Sixth Grade Teacher At Spring Grove Intermediate School

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Daniel Inners was such an inspiring sixth grade teacher when I sat in the front seat of his class so many years ago. He of course was someone that I would want to interview to get some of his secrets. Daniel Inners is a sixth grade teacher at Spring Grove Intermediate School who focuses in math and science. He is a diehard Green Bay Packers fan and will never let you forget how to spell necessary, if it is the last thing he does. The main reason he is a teacher is the kids. It is all about the kids, he hates planning and paperwork, but it is worth it if it is for his students. One of the greatest feeling he said was being able to encourage and help the not so smart kid because he says he was that kid when he was in school and his teachers told him he wouldn’t go anywhere. When asked if his classroom is set up a certain way he responds the on the first day no. The kids are allowed to sit where ever they want. This allows him to see who is friends with who and separates them if needed. He changes their seats every month because the students get too comfortable with each other and just talk and they do not pay attention. He gets his students involved by doing math problems with whiteboards or with the website Xtra Math. He also in all the subjects he teaches sends five students up to the board at one time and asks them a question. Sometimes they are setup in teams to get special rewards if they get the most points. This also lets him see who is struggling because they can’t
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