Daniel Marketing Firm Analysis

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Firm: Daniel Memorial, Inc. Description: Daniel is a nonprofit organization serving at-risk youth from the community through a wide variety of programs. Some of the services offered include: therapeutic foster homes, independent living skills and housing for homeless youth, juvenile dependency intervention, residential treatment, and community based treatment through the dependency court system which is contracted through the Department of Children and Families. The agency also provides counseling, medication management, and behaviorist services to the children it serves. 1. Create or describe a strategy for your firm, as operationalized by Collis and Rukstad. Be sure to be comprehensive and specific when separately describing your…show more content…
The advantage is the most vital piece of the agencies strategy. It consists of two parts, a statement of customer value proposition, and a statement of advantage. The customer value proposition in this case is that the agency is the oldest child-serving nonprofit in the state of Florida, who provides a necessary, high quality service to those clients identified as being in a significant time of need. The agency also makes access to the services available to the clients at no charge to the families through Medicaid billing. The statement of advantage is emphasized by again considering the continuum of care offered and level of wrap-around services that are provided by the agency. This creates an environment of excellent communication in treatment planning, and allows a client to receive all necessary services through one place, minimizing treatment errors or oversights. Daniel Memorial’s Strategy Statement: To grow revenues and census by 25% by 2015 through offering comprehensive, wrap-around mental health services to at-risk youth who are eligible for Medicaid funding, through a geographically expansive set of campuses designed to provide the highest quality of services compared to its competitors. 2. How would you evaluate the sustainability of
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