Daniel Morales

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I have known Daniel I. Morales since sophomore year of high school in 2010 and we first met after receiving and sharing our respective Algebra 2 test scores. He has been a friend and focused individual with an inclination for achievement. Fortunately, we both attended UC Irvine and became roommates the first year. Coupled with sharing the same academic interests in science and mathematics, Daniel entered as a Biological Sciences major and myself as a Chemistry major. We both sought to pursue this challenge with all effort and determination.

Since I have shared a room with Daniel for a whole academic year, I have learned a lot from and about him. He is a dedicated and disciplined individual who puts his school work first and deters procrastination. In addition, service to others is a key attribute shared by both since a few days before midterms and finals, our room would be the center for assisting our fellow peers. We have always cooperated when we took the same classes despite having different professors and in particular the Organic Chemistry series our second year. Daniel practiced the ideal that higher-performing students tend to study earlier,
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We would chat about how he was focused as a child in being an automotive professional. Nevertheless, ambitions do change and he would discuss that his car enthusiasm would serve as a hobby. Realizing that medicine is rapidly innovating, he felt compelled to be a part of it. Daniel's enthusiasm and knowledge of automobiles parallels his aspiration and interest in studying the human body and ultimately reaching his goal in becoming a medical doctor. He would sometimes point out that vehicular systems are analogous to the human body in numerous ways. A couple of examples that I remember are how an engine's cooling system is similar to the body's circulatory system and how a vehicle's thermostat mimics our active hypothalamus resulting in sweating and other ways of
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