Daniel Negranu's Poker Room

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Have you ever watched poker player Daniel Negranu in action at a poker table. Daniel Negranu is perhaps the best young poker player in the game right now and I put him right next to Phil Ivey in terms of the best poker players in the game today. It is only a matter of time before either of these two players wins the World Series of Poker. These two men are on a record setting pace as they collect World Series of Poker bracelet after bracelet in each tournament that they place. Daniel Negranu plays the most interesting and exciting style of poker that I have ever seen. He plays almost every single hand and rarely does he fold before the flop, even if someone at the table raises before the flop is shown. Daniel Negranu believes that he can beat…show more content…
For first time visitors to Las Vegas, this place is the perfect site to hone your poker skills in an environment that's relatively low pressure. As a property that is owned by the popular casino company Harrah's, the Flamingo is run by some of the smoothest folks in the entire industry. While it won't blow you away, the Flamingo poker room has some things that are worth checking out. The room is small by Las Vegas standards, but does not offer the same kind of cozy feel that can be found at similar casinos such as the Monte Carlo. In general, the atmosphere and ambiance is one of the things about this poker room that are certainly not selling points. Still, the tables are fairly new and the chairs are comfortable. While sitting at the tables, players can check out any number of sporting events on the four flatscreen televisions. These make up for any of the other inconveniences that this poker room might have presented. The staff at the Flamingo is simply average. Like the rest of their casino and poker room, they do just enough to get by. The management will not go out of its way to make sure you have a great experience, but they will do the necessary things to keep you happy. At some casinos, the cocktail waitresses are a huge draw. That's not the case at the Flamingo. Many of their waitresses look to have long passed their prime, but they are fairly prompt in service. All in all, they offer a very average service to the customer. This doesn't sound like the best room in the world, does it? "Why would folks keep coming back?" you ask. That one is pretty simple. This room is good for making money. Because of the apparent stigma associated with playing poker at this casino and the fact they offer only a regular $1/$2 no-limit game, really good poker players tend to take their business elsewhere. This leaves opportunities for above average players to prey
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