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Social Services Report – Daniel Pelka “we see things not as they are, but as we are” - H.M. Tomlinson Daniel Pelka Born 15th July 2007 Died 3rd March 2012 Introduction This report is based on Daniel Pelka. A four year old boy who was starved and beaten to death by his own mother and her partner. In this report I will be looking into Daniels short life and identifying what happened to him. I am going to be exploring not only what happened but how it was allowed to happen and in what ways this young boy was failed by systems that are put in place to protect vulnerable children. I shall then give my recommendations and opinions based on my findings. My findings are based on facts I obtained mostly from…show more content…
No referrals were made. At times Daniel’s attendance was poor and an education welfare officer was involved. Daniel was seen by a community paediatrician regarding his behaviour towards food and his rapid weight loss and they were linked to a likely medical condition. The potential for abuse or neglect were not considered. The paediatrician was unaware of the physical injuries witnessed by the school. Three weeks later Daniel was killed. When Daniel was eight months old he was taken to A&E with a laceration above his left eye. His mother explained this by claiming she had been changing his nappy on her lap when he had rolled off and hit his head. No concerns were raised about the incident although the health visitor had been advised. During Ms Luczaks pregnancy with Baby Adam the domestic abuse continued and reports of violence were made. It was considered that no child protection concerns were raised at present but the conversation had been recorded in case of any further incidents and MS Luczak had been informed of this conversation that took place between then midwife and social worker. This had only been recorded on Adams file and not the other children. During the criminal proceedings evidence was presented to show text messages had
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