Daniel Shays As An American Officer

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Daniel Shays
Daniel Shays served role as an American officer in the American Revolution from 1775 to 1780 and also became known as one of the leaders of Shays Rebellion, which lasted from 1786 to 1787. In 1780 he resigned from the army, and settled in Pelham, Massachusetts, where he held numerous town offices. Soon after, wealth reigned in America at the signing of the peace treaty in 1783, but was quickly transformed into a severe economic depression. He began his rebellion when property holders, including himself, began losing their belongings through confiscations for unpaid debts and taxes and became subject to debtor’s imprisonment. Protests then followed, with threats of violence against the courts conducting the enforcements and arraignments. This is when Shays arose as one of the several leaders of what came to be known as Shays Rebellion. After the Rebellion was over, he and approximately a dozen others were sentenced to death by the Supreme Court of Massachusetts. However, towards the end of the rebellion, Shays had escaped to Vermont, soon afterwards he moved to Schoharie county, New York, and then a few years later moved further west to Sparta, New York. Shays, in his old age, was granted a retirement pension by the federal government for the five years he served in the Continental Army without pay. He lived the last couple years of his life in poverty, as a heavy drinker and supported himself on his pension by working a small piece of land. He later…
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