Daniela And Bug's Homosexual Analysis

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Over the course of the first season there are two people -Daniela and Bug- that fetishize either Lito or Nomi.
Bug has not seen Nomi since she started her transition so he is surprised when he sees her and his first reaction is to sexualize her. When Amanita steps in he asks Nomi, who she is. Upon learning that they are in a relationship he makes a surprised face, but one can also see in it that he thinks that lesbians are attractive. He is not directly told that what he said was offensive, Nomi however makes it clear with her tone that she thinks that is inappropriate to talk about them in that way. Not only do men often fetishize and sexualize women, as shown here when Bug finds out that Nomi is a woman, but they often do it even heavier with lesbians as they are often degraded to mere sexual objects to please the desires of men who think that two women having sex is even more attractive.
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One of the first things she says when she finds out that Lito is in a relationship with another man is ‘It’s so fucking hot I can’t even stand it’. This immediately sexualizes the relationship of the two men. Her reaction most likely comes from the fact that homosexual relationships are often stigmatized to be solely of a sexual nature with no romantic intimacy involved.
In episode 6 ‘Demons’ Lito and Hernando dance together and start kissing each other. Daniela films all of this while looking turned on. She even goes as far as starting to touch herself.
Later on, Daniela’s ex-boyfriend gets a hold of her phone and threatens to publish the pictures Daniela took, if Daniela does not come back to him. This leads to Lito having to decide between being outed or being able to stay in the closet while being responsible for Daniela’s ongoing abuse by
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