Daniela Khodorov. Core Global Issues. May 1, 2017. Human

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Daniela Khodorov
Core Global Issues
May 1, 2017 Human Trafficking in Brazil

According to statistics from the United States Department of State, there are reportedly over 13 million people being forced into human trafficking, specifically sex trades. Sex trafficking is one of the most profitable crimes making 7 to 12 billion dollars yearly around the world (Research Paper). This is also often times referred to as “modern day slavery” as adults and children are exploited and striped of their human rights. Most commonly, the purpose of human trafficking is for exploitation. Most are in the form of prostitution, involuntary servitude and forced labor. Sexual exploitation is, of course, the most common form and directly impacts
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Brazil’s weaker economy serves as a huge factor for increasing trafficking rates because jobs are scarce. People are turning to desperate measures in hopes of earning a living and are more willing to accept risky job offers such as sex trafficking or forced labor. In fact, most parents in Brazil are the main cause of sex trafficking victims because they target their children to engage in such activity in order to contribute to the household income. The Brazilian government should be taking more precautions to protect children and women and there should be a much higher focus on economic development for families. In addition, the government does not offer enough resources to address the issue or punish the traffickers. Many traffickers get away with little to no jail time or penalties. The “International Labor Organization estimates the global annual profits of human trafficking at $32 billion in Latin America” (International). Brazil is one of the largest exporters of females because of the high amounts of prostitution. Many of the women who are trafficked in Brazil end up in sex industries in the United States, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Japan. To add to that, human trafficking is not just targeted at women. “More than 25,000 Brazilian men are subjected to forced labor” every year as a result of human trafficking (Thomson). According to the
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