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Daniels_ Mary_ ASSIGNMENT 1


1. Are people always an organization’s most valuable resource? Why or why not? 4 points The human capital is always the most valuable and import asset of any organization. It takes a person to create the vision for any business or non-profit enterprise and people to execute that vision and make it a reality. There are other significant assets within an organization, and all other assets have to be allocated to or managed by people. Organizations that value people or can make people feel validated, have the advantage and control of their most important resource, and go farther in ensuring the short and long term success of their particular organizations.

2. Suppose your boss asked you to
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• Better understanding of the different cultures
• Better utilization of talent
• Increased quality of team problem solving
• Increased marketplace understanding
• Enhanced creativity
• Learning different experiences, perspectives, and strengths of each individual Cons: • Lack of growth • Language barriers (not being able to understand, to communicate efficiently or effectively)
Misunderstanding, resentment, and tension could happen.
Yes, United States is in a better position to compete globally based on its diverse population. 7. Why do HR managers need to stay abreast of the educational levels and work expectations of the people in the workforce? 4 points A Human Resource Manager constantly will work in different areas of the business, and technology has impacted human resources departments and will continue to do so as new technology is developed. Therefore, in order to be a successful Human Resource Manager professional and personal skills are needed. One of the principal elements of a successful manager or human resource manager (HRM) is a skill set to deal with a variety of situations. Simply is not enough to have knowledge of HR, such as knowing which forms need to be filled out and complete. It takes numerous skills to create and manage people as well as a cutting-edge human resources department. Roles of HRM play in organizations:
Development of Workplace Policies
Compensation and Benefits
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