Daniel's Story-Religion

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Religion plays a very strong role in the novel entitled, “Daniel’s Story”. After all, being Jewish is the entire reason for the persecution of the main character and his family. Throughout the story, Daniel questions his own religious beliefs and assesses those of the people that he encounters. God’s presence is both questionable and visible in his life. He doubts and questions God for all the cruel and unjust things that are happening to Daniel and his family. At first, Daniel is confused, but he begins to really understand. Throughout the four sections in the book, we see and understand where God’s presence is visible and at what points where Daniel questions and doubts God. The first section of the story takes place in Frankfurt.…show more content…
H meets Rosa at Lodz, in front of his old apartment building. He is full of happiness, until he finds out that Erika didn’t survive. Fortunately, Daniel is getting married to Rosa and their happiness and faith is slowly being restored. They deserve a little happiness now. God’s presence is both questionable and visible in Daniel’s life. We learn that God’s presence is visible wherever there is happiness. Anyways, Daniel loses most of his family throughout the book. It begins with Uncle Peter and ends with him finding out from Rosa that Erika didn’t survive. Although, there are times in the book that Daniel wishes to just give up, he somehow manages to make it through with his faith intact. His faith has been badly shaken, but not destroyed. Bibliography: Daniel's Story the
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