Danke Kind Des Himmels Analysis

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At age seven Gwen was a well known orphan in the secluded town off the coast, she was shy, well behaved and had some of the best manners in the orphanage. Her dishwater blond hair reached to her middle and was always in a milkmaid braid. She worked as an apprentice at the local apothecary since she was five and had enjoyed the company of the store owner, Alma. Skipping on the different colored tiles of the dusty shop floor, Gwen brought in the herbs from the garden out back and set the on the counter. “Danke Kind des Himmels” Alma beamed. Gwen sorted out rosemary from the basil and St. John's Wort. She took the rosemary, walking over to where the mortar and pestle and took it down from the shelf. Grinding the rosemary into a paste Gwen scraped
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