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Dannon Case Study Analysis 2013 Dannon Case Study Analysis 2013 CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2 PROBLEM STATEMENT 3 DATA ANALYSIS 3 KEY DECISION CRITERIA 4 ALTERNATIVE ANALYSIS 4 RECOMMENDATIONS 6 ACTION AND IMPLEMENTATION PLAN 8 Executive Summary In 2007 and 2008, Dannon, the #2 yogurt provider, was losing valuable market share to its top competitor Yoplait. Despite the growth opportunity in the domestic U.S. yogurt market, Dannon’s growth had surprisingly slowed. At the end of 2008 Yoplait was the U.S. yogurt market leader with 35.4% of the market dollar share while Dannon only held 28.9% of the market. Yoplait held a competitive advantage over Dannon…show more content…
4. The company could advertise as the corporate company of Dannon rather than focus the advertising on the individual brands like it already does. Key Decision Criteria 1. Increase sales and market share 2. Increase customer satisfaction and corporate image 3. Be consistent with corporate mission or strategy 4. Improve (or at least maintain) profitability 5. Within our present resources or capabilities 6. Within acceptable risk parameters 7. Ease or speed of implantation 8. Minimize environmental impact 9. Maintain and build employee morale and pride Alternatives Analysis 1. Even though Dannon has been partaking in CSR for quite some time it has always been done internally rather than externally. Because of this, consumers are unaware of the Dannon Institute, which has been active in researching and educating about healthy eating. If Dannon communicated this to its audience it could enlighten people on the benefits of healthy eating and how yogurt could be a healthy staple to people’s diet. This could potentially cause more people to purchase yogurt and also cause current yogurt buyers to purchase more frequent. The negative to this is that these CSR efforts could be seen as a copy-cat to Yoplait. People may not believe the findings, as they could think these findings are just a sales pitch to get them to believe that

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