Danny Dalton The Dog Whisperer

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Page 1 “Since it’s your birthday today, you need to wake up Danny!” said Mrs. Dalton. “Coming, Mom,”replied Danny. Speeding to get in the bathroom and shower, thoughts raced through Danny’s mind about all the fun he was going to have on his birthday. “Today is going to be amazing. I love April 12th! For my birthday I want to watch Make Way for Ducklings, or maybe Despicable Me... whatever, today is going to be a great day!” thought Danny. When Danny finished showering, he brushed his teeth; then he sprinted back to his room to put on his clothes. “Hmmm... what am I going to wear today? Ah! I know, I’ll wear my favorite blue shirt!” After he put on his favorite blue shirt, Danny went downstairs to eat his breakfast. Page 2 “Happy Birthday Danny!” his family cheered. Danny brimmed with happiness and had a smile from ear to ear. “Thanks Mom, Dad, and you too Maddie!” said Danny. Maddie, Danny’s younger sister, gave him a big hug and said “Happy 7th Birthday Danny! What superpower do you wish for?”. “I don’t know, maybe the power to fly, so I can go back to Canada again and see the people we know” replied Danny. Then his Dad said “Danny, it’s a Friday, what movie do you want me to get? So we can all watch it tonight?” Many ideas raced through Danny’s mind once again. Hmmm I like Make way for Ducklings, for its a true story; however, the minions in Despicable Me are so cute! Danny thought. “Ok Dad, I have my mind made up. I want to watch Despicable Me!” said

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