Dannyville Narrative

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Once upon a time in Dannyville, U.S.A, there lived a wealthy man by the name Daniel Diplomat and his wife, a pediatrician, Dr. Nancy Diplomat.
Dannyville was a peaceful quiet town, where families lived happily. The town was a typical American town, but it had a charm that appealed to tourists. Many considered Dannyville their home away from home, especially during the winter months, when the streets were covered with snow, Christmas decorations adorned every inch of the town and the inviting, warm smells of tasty treats invited passers-by to slow down and enjoy the beauty of life.
Mr. Diplomat was a well-known Architect and a real estate tycoon, who amassed his millions of dollars through real-estate constructions and developments.
His wife, Nancy, a Harvard medical school
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Seeing that DJ meant him no harm, the little mouse grew more comfortable and less afraid.
He would come out of his hiding hole and sit by DJ.
Seeing him there, DJ smiled and said, “Hey there,” handing him a few animal crackers and squares of cheese.
DJ named the mouse little Took, (LT) because the mouse’s belly bulged out whenever it ate animal crackers or cheese, making the belly look like a tank truck.
Most nights while the rest of the family members were asleep, DJ and LT would spend countless hours together playing, watching television and dreaming of someday traveling around the world together.
“Can you imagine it?” DJ would ask, while tossing a cheese cube in the air and catching it with his mouth.
“Traveling the world together would be so cool.” LT squeaked, laying on his back with tiny paws over his bulging belly. Their friendship grew and blossomed, forming a very close bond between the two.
DJ told LT all about his day, issues at school, or about any fights he had with his siblings, while LT told him about his own family, how life as a mouse was and of any cat causing him and his family
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