Danone and Sütaş

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DANONE AND SÜTAŞ Danone and Sütaş Brand Description Danone is one of the biggest dairy corporate groups in the world and has an extensive portfolio of brands and products. Brand idea In the dairy products sector in Turkey, both company has a reputable brand image. The brand idea of both company focus to the natural products. Danone shows this with “Bringing health trough food to as many people as possible”. On the other hand, Sütaş defends this idea with “Following us, take you to goodness and natural flavor.”. Both company works hard to support the main idea of the brands. Danone supports the organization to improve the milk suppliers and farmers and to raise milk production standards to the European levels such as ‘Farmer…show more content…
However, Danone’s Activia has been loved by women more than Yovita so we can see that Activia’s market share is 55 percent and Yovita’s 45 percent. Most consumers think that Sütaş’s Yovita is a follower of Activia in probiotic sector. On the other hand, in daily or pasteurized milk products, most consumers think that Sütaş much more natural and healthy compare to the Danone. However, with the increase in the number of dairy products manufacturer, some consumers have been started to think that Danone and Sütaş more expensive that the quality they offer. Point of Parities and Differences of Brands Sütaş and Danone are the most powerful rivals of each other in the market. On the other hand, we can see that there are many differences as well as similarities. Sütaş in dairy products sector from 1975, but Danone has been serving from 1998 in dairy products, from the end of 2007, it has been serving in baby and nutrition product sector. When we look at the production and distribution channels of the firms, Danone makes production in seven different cities around Turkey while Sütaş manufactures in two facilities. Two companies give a big attention to distribution channels to reach each part of Turkey. However, Sütaş give much more attention and labour to daily produced milk so it uses its distribution channels more effectively to deliver product produced every day in 12
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