Danorrian's Echolalia Statements For College Students

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Since entering into the CASTLE program, DaNorrian has exhibited a wide variance of behaviors. There are days that he is able to complete academic tasks in a timely and proficient manner. On these days, he needs one to two prompts per transition. He is able to work in his academic station for the scheduled time; and will try to correct answers if he is told he has made a mistake. On these days his echolalia statements are positive in nature (i.e. “Way to go man,” “Alright then!”, “That’s what I’m talking about!”). However, there are days that DaNorrian vacillate between exhibiting physical agitation, very loud echolalia statements that negative in nature (“I’m going to get you.” “He’s still gettin’ a spankin’ too.” “You gonna get a whoopin’
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