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Abercrombie & Fitch Case Analysis

Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F) is an American was founded in 1892 by David T and the first store was located on Water Street in lower Manhattan. At that time, A&F was originally and outdoorsmen store, a few presidents and famous explorers purchased. Nowadays, A&F become one of the most popular clothing for youth which age of 18-22 year old people, especially for the college students. The company catered four brands thought different life stages – from elementary school to post-college. The A& F co. retailer managed four brands, which are A&F, Abercrombie kids, Hollister Company, and Ruehl, but the Ruehl is closed in early 2010.
Through my writing, A&F’s
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Another student who was Latino, was asked that she could only work in the store’s stockroom or as part of the overnight crew; but at Banana Republic, she was asked to apply a management job. 3. Racially exclude customers
A&F generated controversy result from its racy slogans. I admit that it may be a free advertising; however, some ethnic slogans really are racially excluded customers. For example, “Wong Brothers Laundry Service tows Wongs Can Make It White”. This one satire the yellows that come to U.S had nothing they could do but opened an laundry store. To be honest, I am an A&F fans before I know this, but I guess I will never buy A&F anymore if they do things like that again. And I am sure that all the yellows think the same as me about their ethnic slogans.
I will discuss A&F’s opportunities and threats in the following part, which is the external of the company. * Opportunities: 1. Introduce new styles and new items
A&F was trying to introduce two or three new items in its stores every week. And it launched a new men’s line, Ezra Fitch. 2. Expand internationally

The company was about to enter the European market, and the first store would be on Savile Row in London. As Pamela Quintiliano, who is a WR Hambrecht retail analyst said: “Abercrombie is an incredibly strong brand name, and there’s a hunger for American brands around the world.” * Threats: 1. Style has driven away customers
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