Dante Alighieri's Influence on Italian Culture Essay examples

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Dante Alighieri's Influence on Italian Culture

     Dante Alighieri was a very well known and influential poet in early literature. “He was not only a poet, he was also a philosophical thinker, an active politician, and a religious visionary'; (Holmes 1). Dante was born in Florence in 1265, into the Guelph political party, one of the two main parties in Florence. The Guelphs were aristocrats and nobles. They supported the church and papacy and were against the Renaissance. Their opposition was the Ghibellini Party who consisted of the rising merchant class. They supported the emperor and wanted to gain power from the pope (Holmes 22). During his earlier years Dante was neutral politically, but he
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His writings have been hailed “the pillars on which the European literary tradition has been built'; (Dante: The Divine… Internet). The Divine Comedy is very influential and is considered as the greatest piece of poetry in early European literature. “Dante’s Divine Comedy has rightly been regarded as the supreme literary expression of a crucial stage in European thought'; (Holmes 1). Dante also influenced the style of poetry by introducing a format that consisted of three canticles each divided into 33 or 34 cantos. Many poets after him have copied this format (Wilkins 12).
His most famous piece of literature, The Divine Comedy, is said to be important also because of “It’s place in the history of the development of the Italian language'; (Dante: The Divine… Internet). To understand this we need to look at the language and writings at that time in history. During Dante’s lifetime different dialects of Italian were spoken in different parts of the country (Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321 Internet). Dante was a very skilled writer who wrote in both his Florentine Italian dialect and Latin, which was unusual since most scholarly writings at that time were in Latin (Dante Internet). Dante however believed that the language of one’s family was noble and he broke the traditions of those before him.
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