Dante 's Inferno And The Divine Comedy

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In Dante’s Inferno and his levels of hell there are many things that we have in common as a person today’s society. This essay will discuss the issues in Dante’s Inferno and The Divine Comedy that are still true to this day as they were back when Dante wrote this comedy. Some views Dante considers are not the same to everyone, but some views are still apparent in today’s society. With these views being common it can be said that Dante’s views are common for people in today’s society. Many people do not understand the journey that Dante describes in this comedy. Finally, many of the sins considered by people today, were sins worthy of hell in Dante’s time.
In the first canto of Dante’s inferno you can see how relevant hell is in society today. “Midway this way of life we’re bound upon, I wake to find myself in a dark wood(Dante, 1949, p71). Personally Dante is basically lost and unable to find the way back to the right road. People who become depressed or not quite sure of their place in life can be tormented, in a way this can represent how Dante is feeling. Often times people are required to face a journey to overcome any fears or dark thoughts that may be affecting their life. Self-discovery is not always fun or pleasant, sometimes it could be difficult for an individual to leave their demons in the past and move forward. “Back to that place wherein sun is mute”(Dante, 1949, p73). Dante had to go through the circles of hell and take on the numerous horrendous challenges so
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