Dante 's Inferno, By Dante The Pilgrim

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Dante, Inferno Throughout the epic poem Inferno, Dante the Pilgrim travels in the different circles of Hell told by Dante the Poet. The story examines what a righteous life is by showing us examples of sinful lives. Dante is accompanied by his guide Virgil, who takes him on a journey to examine sin and the effects it has in has in the afterlife to different sinners. Through the stories of Francesca and Paolo, Brunetto Latini, Ulysses and Guido da Montefeltro, we are able to understand that people are self-interested in the way they act and present themselves to others and that those in Hell are there because they have sinned and failed to repent their sins and moral failings. The story of Brunetto Latini teacher us to use the gifts we…show more content…
Francesca was married to Paolo’s brother and one day while Francesca and Paolo were reading the story of Lancelot and Guinevere, and when they got to the romantic part of the story they confessed to each other and kissed. Francesca’s husband found out shortly after and had both of them killed. Francesca’s sin was not only adultery, but also failure to accept her own responsibility for her actions. In the story of Lancelot is about the fall of Camelot and the consequence of adultery, which shows that Francesca and Paolo knew what they were getting themselves into and that there would be consequences. Francesca blamed Paolo for everything, as if she didn’t have control over anything that happened. This is shown when Francesca is explaining to Dante why she is in hell. “Love, that excuses no one loved from loving, seized me so strongly with delight in him,” (Dante, Inferno, V, line 103-104). From this we can clearly see how she is completing blaming her actions solely on love rather than standing up and taking responsibility for the actions she has committed. She said that love held her down so strongly that it drew her to Paolo and that she had no way of escaping. After hearing this, Dante becomes faint, for Francesca has seduced him, she disguised her sin with a love story, making it sound like she had no fault at all. From the story
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