Dante 's Journey Through The Inferno

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Dante’s Journey Through the Inferno The Divine Comedy depicts the journey through Hell and into Heaven lead by the Italian poet, Dante Alighieri. The Devine Comedy is an epic poem set in the year 1300 and it details Dante’s trip through the afterlife. His journey is prompted by a spiritual crisis in midlife when he finds himself lost in the woods. The woods that Dante finds himself lost in represents a personal sense of confusion and darkness. This is the kind of symbolism that is seen throughout Dante’s long journey. The two major themes portrayed in this Epic Poem are justice, sin and punishment as well as love; both spiritual and human. Some may argue that the theme of justice is too harshly portrayed in the Inferno and that it could also be taken quite literally.
Dante especially uses his Divine Comedy as a vehicle for expressing his anger about the corrupt government of his native city, Florence. The poem is filled with inhabitants of Florence, Italy and the ancient world who appear sometimes in heaven or sometimes in Hell, depending on where Dante felt they would end up. One of the uses of the poem is its political and historical commentary. Dante was an extremely well educated man; he had full knowledge about the world. Dante then had intelligence, a wide range of knowledge and strong opinions which he was not afraid to express. He also had a deeply spiritual nature and longing for truth. The Devine Comedy is more than a tour through the world of the dead, it is

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