Dante's Expedition of Revenge in The Divine Comedy

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Dante Alighieri went on a journey that was motivated by acrimony, revenge and retribution. The Divine Comedy is a story of Dante’s expedition through the afterlife with the help from a Roman poet, Virgil. In the Divine Comedy living in Hell is the same as living on earth in poverty today. Today, there are many politicians who are trying to help with the welfare of poverty, but they never follow through with their goals. Throughout Dante’s life on earth he witnesses the corruption of the church and power given to higher authorities because of their image. Many of the journeys that Dante has experienced in his journey through Hell are just like what we have experienced on earth whether you are rich or poor. However, there are significant differences between the two through symbolic signs and other non-religious meanings. Life on earth is similar to life in Hell because in both places there are consequences for your actions. For example if a person robs a bank they would then be placed in jail, therefore jail is similar to Hell with different building and dorms based on the type of crime that you committed. They do this because they would not put a thief in the same room as a murderer, this is similar to the circle of Hell. The life that you portray on earth determines whether you will be admitted into Heaven or damned to Hell. The type of sins that are committed on earth are broken down into different circles of Hell. For example, Canticle six represents the Gluttons who are

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