Dante's Inferno How the Punishment Fits the Crime

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To merely say that Dante was interested in the world of hell would be an understatement. His needs to explore and write about the nine different realms could best be described as an obsession. It’s an adventure, a tale, a dream (or nightmare) of different historical, biblical, and Greek gods and creatures living their lives in the afterlife of the underground world. Each level has its own form of punishment fitting the crime one has committed. Level one, Limbo: for those who have not acted upon sin to be punished for, but rather didn’t accept Christ as their savior. Those in Limbo aren’t harmed or living in suffering. They live in a deficient form of heaven. The place is green and peaceful, but the people there are full of…show more content…
Both sinners lived in anger and either with themselves or at others. The individuals that expressed their anger are there fighting each other, ripping at each other’s skin. The gloomy, yet mad live beneath the river, forever indebted to sadness. Because the sullen have lived their lives being in constant anger with themselves, they continue to live so in that exact manner. Circles six through nine are those who have committed a more serious, heinous crime than those in one through five. “For Dante, the most serious crimes are those of betrayal.” (Pg 788, Chevigny) Circle six is the introductory of lower levels. The theme of this level is heresy. Those who have questioned or attempted to stray from church reside here. The people of level six are in tombs that are on fire. This is a slight preview of the hell we think of today. To question the Christian faith and to knowingly and openly think that there is no afterlife, but instead believe that the soul dies with the body is the best to describe their punishment. People become aware of a heaven or hell the moment they die. And once that hit that moment, it’s too late to decide whether or not there is such existence. For that reason, they are forever stuck in their tombs (or modern day caskets) and live in constant sensation of being burned. There are three rings in circle seven determined by the type of violence they’ve committed. The outer ring is reserved for the
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