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Literature is an art. It demands the imagination of the reader, and in return the literature will communicate the message at whatever level is desired. It is not uncommon for many literary works to operate on more than various level; there are facts and truths, which are immediately apparent, and in contrast, the symbolism or allegories that may be present upon deeper investigation and exploration. In works regarding religion or spiritual matters, oftentimes it is very common to find symbolism, and this is very true of Dante's 'Divine Comedy,' a work so full of symbolism that there is only time enough to concentrate on the first two cantos of the first book Inferno.
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     It is interesting and symbolic that the poem starts in a representation of spring, and spring is often seen as the beginning of things, a time when life comes back to the earth and is seen in the old traditions as “a season of creation” (Dante). It is also well to remember that at this time Dante would have believes the sun to be a planet that orbited the earth and not visa versa as we known today (Dante).
     So we are starting at the beginning, and the first event that occurs is on his walk he meets three animals " concerning that wild beast with the dappled skin…… of a lion …… And a she-wolf" (Dante). These are symbolic, although it is not until later (canto XI) that we find out why, and that there forms represent forms that we may associate with hell, which is also the inferno. In the later canto we find that this is a symbolism of the
“triple division of sins” these are the beasts of incontinence, violence and

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