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Ulysses in Dante’s The Inferno Dante places many figures of Greek mythology, Roman antiquity, and some political enemies in Hell. For some of these people his reasoning suits their punishment, for others it doesn’t, and for some we don’t know enough about them to verify their placement. Ulysses is placed in the eighth circle of Hell and in the eighth bolgia with the evil counselors for his acts in the Trojan War. Dante’s reasoning behind his placement was unjust and Ulysses does not deserve the punishment he eternally receives. According to Dante, Ulysses was placed in Hell for the use of deception and underhanded war tactics such as the Trojan horse (Alighieri 212-213). This is in no way evil counseling as Dante was working to win a…show more content…
He is in the eighth pouch because Dante could use him to take a hit at the Greeks well deepening his story, and not for any justifiable reason. That is why Ulysses should not be placed where he is; however, he should still be in Hell according to Dante, but there are better places for him like the ninth bolgia or the second circle.

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