Danvita: Cultural Diversity in a Danish MNC

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vitaCultural diversity in a Danish MNC Vasilisa Sayapina and Katya Christensen Introduction Workforce diversity is a complex phenomenon and a major challenge for HR managers in MNCs. The case presents a Danish MNC, Danvita (not its real name)that has committed to pursuing a diversity strategy. The essence of a diversity strategy is a commitment to providing equal opportunities for employees regardless of their gender, age, nationality, disability and political and sexual orientation. In this case our focus is on cultural diversity. Drawing on individual perceptions of Danvita employees this case explores how Danvita’s diversity strategy in relation to national culture is experienced by Danvita’s employees. Diversity as a strategic…show more content…
These principles highlight the strategy’s focus on providing equal opportunities and selecting the best-qualified candidates in order to attract and keep talents from all over the world. Supporting initiatives A number of supporting initiatives contribute to the creation of a culture of inclusion. There is an International Club which is run on a voluntary basis and which aims at creating a network for foreign employees. The idea is that foreign employees have the opportunity to meet in a non-work atmosphere and to experience the traditions and leisure activities of the host country. It also provides an arena to talk through their frustrations with more experienced colleagues. Corporate way of speaking about diversity Drawing on company documents we now present three company discourses on diversity. Business and business needs One discourse emphasizes the business needs of the company. Diversity is a way of dealing with these needs. The discourse portrays the company as ‘a global company’, having an ‘expanding presence in the world’. The key issue is:‘as we expand where are we going to find the people (we need)?’A representative of top management team emphasizes the current growth and success of the company which is going to be ‘even larger and more global’and articulates the need for attracting talent: ‘We want to be among the most attractive companies so that we can continue to attract – and retain

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