Daoism Analysis

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In the practice of Daoism, the core belief is in achieving/attaining the Dao. Dao is the cosmic governing principle, whereby Daoists describe such a term. More principally, and according to Chuang Tzu, to live in this cosmic order is to be free. In The Book of Chuang Tzu, Chuang Tzu makes alluding references in which he depicts his interpretation of freedom and what it means to be free.

There are two significant references that Chuang Tzu makes about his understanding of freedom and what it means to be free. In the first reference, Chuang Tzu depicts both ideas as: finding your place in the world, whether right or wrong, forgetting about all that came before; one cannot pursue something in life that is boundless when our life is bound, to
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Chuang Tzu identifies the essence of the Dao, the way to be, as a means of being free from one’s shackles. The idea being that one can essentially reset one’s understanding in life and start something new, fresh and uninhibited. Another understanding, depicted here, of Chuang Tzu’s conceptualization of freedom is that one should take such practices of freedom in moderation. The pursuit of an unlimited resource in a limited construct will not work, and to do so would present many roadblocks. Chuang Tzu is trying to reason that to achieve, or attain, the essence of Dao through freedom, one must follow a middle ground, such that one can be free in sustaining and keeping life as well as providing for one’s parents and…show more content…
In the Daoist theology, the Dao was a way to express the cosmic order of things. It was understood that to live in such an order, one had to be free. In referring to Chuang Tzu, such an understanding of freedom can be seen through four things: going above and beyond societal restraints in life and the ability to purse new things unrestrained; to have a balance life that can be maintained and sustaining all the while providing for your family as well for prolonging your life; attuning your mind with your heart/soul capable of receiving the gift of true sincerity; as well as maintaining and cultivating one’s innate
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